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Don't adjust jobs to your vise; adjust your Multi-Vise to the job. Multi-Vise adjusts in every direction a job can take you...position it horizontally vertically and rotate it 360 in a horizontal plane. Multi-Vise adapts to nearly any job; drilling filing stock work soldering sanding and the holding of darn near anything. The highest quality U.S. materials and craftsmanship go into producing the Multi-Vise. The body is constructed of tough 50 000 psi tensile strength ductile iron which makes it last and last. You won't have to tighten or loosen extra clamps when you turn Multi-Vise on its side or rotate it back and forth because the conveni Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Cast iron body precision-machined green paint. Jaws are 3 1/2 " (9.0cm) x 2 1/2 " (6.3cm) opens to 5" (12.7cm) . 1 3/4 " (4.4cm) square anvil. 18 lb. (8kg) wt. This Brownells manufactured for simple to use together with an easy task to find their way. Simply because we've got clientele as the primary goal during the entire manufacturing process. It is possible to make use of merchandise on your own optimum achievement. The project may encourage people upon merchandise nonetheless. If you look to purchase Multi-Vise - Multi-Vise Body height quality. We'd advise that shop for you. If you are not necessarily alter to be able to get the actual Multi-Vise - Multi-Vise Body# on the net. We advocate that you adhere to these tips to help move forward your web looking a wonderful experience. For that reason, Buyers can totally be determined by our effort, repeatedly. Can you notice that we care for your looking for product. You can read more Lowest Price Multi-Vise - Multi-Vise Body info and features here. Read more ..

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